it wasn’t easy to write

Hatered and Love in their battle

Posted in My Mind by jimmy on December 16, 2006

Deep down inside my heart, there are the battle between my love to one of the most important persons in my life and my hatered to one of the people that i hate.
I kept it down inside my heart and try to separate them from my life.
Untill one day arrive, the judgement day of my maturity in life.
The day that forced me to face hatered and love in the same time.
The day that challenged me to face the evil and to be able to meet my precius one.
But the challenge felt so hard, untill i decided to run away.

But theres no escape, wherever i go, i keep on facing it in every directions.
At that moment God give me the enlightment.
Thru the odd way, God try to tell me thru God’s own word.
“When you bow your self to ask for forgiveness from the one that hate you, be strong cause when s-he didn’t give you forgiveness then don’t be affraid, s-he should bear your sin.”
Damn that word came thru at the moment my heart was dull.
I did listen to the word, but that didn’t change my direction to run away.

Time passed by, nothing happened, untill one day.
One day that struck me in the face.
One day that make me realize my mistake, my sin to God and to the one i love.
Thank God, i still had a chance to meet the one i love.
And God even make it easier for me, cos i don’t have to face the hatered.
I dont have to go into the dragon lair to find my love one.
But the day that make me sad, make me felt guilty, make me realize.
I realize that in the reality my hatered won the battle.
The Battle Between Love and Hatered.

I’m still fighting it!!!! i’m still in the battle of my hatered.
God please help me one more time.
Thank you for uniting me again with my Love.
Help me to erase my hatered cause i know that you hate it.
Let me be full again.
Thanks God for everything.


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