it wasn’t easy to write

Father and son

Posted in My Mind by jimmy on June 22, 2007

Father and son

Someday …

F: Son are you currently datting someone?

S: Yes dad, i do have a girlfriend, and she is so beautifull.

F: Is it ok for her, that you’re working with me now

instead of going with her in this saturday night?

S: I think she’ll understand dad, after all i don’t want to leave you working by yourself.

F: I’m so sorry son, you don’t desserved this.

S: Dad are you alright? Your stomach is ….

Another day …

S: Dad c’mon get up, i’ll help you standing. we got to get out of the house,

its an earthquake.

F: You’re fool!!! Safe your own life. Saving me won’t do no good.

I’ll die anyway soon or later.

S: (sorry dad i wont let it happen)

Another day …

S: Dad, are you alright?

S: Dad, forgive me.

S: Dad, please dad…

S: Dad, wake up please…

S: No dad… please …. i still need u around…..

Today …

Dad i really miss u a lot.


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  1. nolpol said, on September 16, 2009 at 9:49 am

    I don’t know where you’ve founf this story, but it’s really borring…

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