it wasn’t easy to write

In your Eyes

Posted in My Mind by jimmy on March 8, 2008

How much do i really know about you,

I dont know is it a complete view or just a glimpse,

Remembering all that you have done for me,

All of those things you remember about me,

But what have i done to you,

Some things that I’ve done embarassed me,

Sometimes i couldn’t even look you at the face,

I can’t repay it, just able to love you,

Just wishing to be able to put my arms around your back,

Just want to push you so close to my chest,

Just to feel your scent in my breath,

Feel the warm of your skin,

And make the time stop for a couple seconds,

Make everything around us disappeared,

And treat you right just for one time in my life,

In a time when every feeling has no boundaries,

Is it happiness or scare, confused and numb,

I just hope that i could be a reflection in your eyes, even if it just a glimpse.

So close, yet so fragile


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  1. lai said, on April 22, 2008 at 12:39 am

    I miss u so much…

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